It all started back in the day (1981) when our founder Scot Nicol decided to build a mountain bike. Somebody saw bike number one and asked if they could have bike number two. Then it happened again, and again. Fast forward two decades and thousands of bikes later and you get the idea. The driving force was then as it is now: build superior quality high performance bicycle frames. Ibis bikes are now respected worldwide, and we're proud to say we've maintained our commitment to excellence all these years and will continue to operate on the same principals that founded our company two decades ago: build quality bikes; stay close to our customer and have lots of fun.

Why We Are The Way We Are

Each and every bike we sell is assembled, welded and finished by hand. Materials used are the finest available anywhere. Our exacting standards result in big happy grins from our customers - just the way we like it.

Our bikes are made of what we call Moron tubing. It's a name that pokes a bit of fun at some of the more sanctimonious among us within the bike industry. Moron embodies the Ibis philosophy of putting the material where you need it. Tube dimensions are carefully chosen for each model of bike and for each size of each model. That goes for whether we're using steel, titanium, or aluminum. The extra care that goes into making Moron results in bikes that climb and accelerate like no other, and at the same time are less fatiguing on those long, hard rides.

Our dropouts dramatically increase lateral rigidity and provide a more durable and solid connection with chainstays and seatstays, thus reducing fatigue failures at the dropout. In addition, the dropouts are significantly lighter (3 oz.on a steel frame), and wheel removal is easier too.

We put it all together with legendary welding and the most precise fit-up found anywhere. To top it all off, we finish each frame with exacting detail, followed by application of a luscious, durable and environmentally friendly powdercoat finish.

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