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The Ripley combines its unique chainstay and rear shock with a carefully designed front triangle to elevate the elegant aesthetic appeal of a classic hardtail to new heights of riding efficiency and smooth performance.

We have engineered considerable technology into the Ripley. Ibis' best friend and engineering guru John Castellano conducted extensive computer-based modeling using fancy engineering programs called ProEngineer and Mechanica to analyze, minimize and optimize the stresses found in our pivotless aluminum frame. Those of us who don't have the benefit of John's multiple parallel processors firing away in our craniums are at first skeptical of flexible aluminum. But John reminds us of all the commercialized aluminum flexures like aircraft wings and skis and skateboards. And then, we begin to see how it can make sense.

The CDE Shock
As we've seen time and time again from other softtail producers, it's easy to make a short travel bike that doesn't absorb small OR big bumps very well. The Ibis Critically Damped Elastomer Shock is designed to dramatically improve performance throughout the range of travel as compared to other types of shocks. Our two-stage CDE shock provides exceptional high-frequency isolation, meaning that the shock is super effective at taking away the smaller bumps which contribute significantly to the fatigue you encounter on rides. Air shocks, oil dampers and coil springs are not good at providing this high-frequency isolation. The bigger hits are smoothed out by the CDE's second stage; featuring a progressive spring rate along with both compression and rebound damping. Finally, coil springs have a much lower force required to top out the shock, and air springs need to be very long to get adequate travel. The CDE solves all these problems in a simple, durable and serviceable unit.

How about those Unique Chainstays
The most unique looking feature of the Ripley is the flat plate chainstay. Unlike commonly used round chainstays, the chainstay assembly on the Ripley is stiff laterally and very plush in the vertical direction. There are no pivots, so the Ripley won't wear out, squeak or develop play. Our stay also provides excellent chain and tire clearance. Exhaustive computer and real world testing helped us evolve the chainstay to its present shape. ProE was used in the design to minimize stress, and we also incorporated the 6069 alloy into our extru- sion, resulting in four times greater fatigue life than a 6061 stay. Tubing for the main triangle tubes has been optimally butted and dimensioned for enhanced strength and ride qualities. The result is a frame and rear shock weight of only 4.4 pounds.

Ten colors are available. Contact us for more information on your choices.

The Ibis Ripley has a lifetime warranty on the chainstay. The rest of the frame has a limited lifetime warranty.

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It boldly goes where aluminum has never gone before.

- Bicycling, May 01

  • The Ultimate Aluminum Softtail Frame
  • 1.25" of rear-wheel travel
  • Proprietary CDE shock and Silk Chainstay
  • 5 sizes; 10 new colors

Retail: $1,095 frame and rear shock

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