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Ripley Questions:

What's a Ripley?

The Ibis Ripley is an aluminum softtail with 1.25'' of rear wheel travel.

Why a softtail?

Our goal with the Ripley was to build an affordable, comfortable, high-performance frame. We think hardtails are great, but we also think there's room for improvement without adding much weight or complexity to the frame.

What? Flexible Aluminum? I don't believe it!

People often express disbelief when they hear about the Ripley aluminum softtail. For most people's sensibility, aluminum and flexibility don't play well together. But the real mindblower for people is when they get their first ride. Combine the featherweight snappiness of an aluminum hardtail with the supple, subtle smoothness that 1.25'' of rear wheel travel delivers, and the result is indeedİhard to believe.

How's it work?

The bike is similar to our SilkTi in form and philosophy; the flat plate chainstays provide high vertical travel and excellent lateral rigidity. The Critically Damped Elastomer shock works together with the chainstays to give you smooth, plush and progressive two-stage travel. The ride is smooth, traction and climbing is enhanced, and fatigue reduced.

Why is it so affordable?

The bike is constructed of double-butted heat-treated aluminum custom tubing designed by Ibis, and the frame sells for only $995. The complete bike with XT/Manitou Mars comes in at only $1975.

What's theİguarantee?

Lifetime on the chainstay, 10 year on the frame. It's as simple as that. Any questions?

How'd you make aluminum so plush?

To make it comfortable, we've incorporated our patent pending SilkTi technology into the rear suspension of this bike. The vertically compliant and laterally stiff chainstays coupled with the Ibis manufactured Critically Damped Elastomer (CDE) shock give the Ripley the most plush, most progressive, most comfortable performance of any softtail (except the SilkTi of course).

Is It Heavy?

We've minimized weight by constructing it from 6061 and 6069 heat-treated aluminum. The 4.4 pound frame with rear shock weighs the same as a Titanium softtail costing 2-3 times more than a Ripley. We've also completely re-designed the chainstay and entire tubeset for this frame. Not only does this bike tame the harsh ride of aluminum hardtails, it also outperforms titanium softtails. (other than our SilkTi of course!)

More info coming soon. Stay tuned to the Ibis website or nag the living daylights out of your local dealer until they get some Ripleys in the shop.

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It boldly goes where aluminum has never gone before.

- Bicycling, May 01

  • The Ultimate Aluminum Softtail Frame
  • 1.25" of rear-wheel travel
  • Proprietary CDE shock and Silk Chainstay
  • 5 sizes; 10 new colors

Retail: $1,095 frame and rear shock

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